Welcome to Aquadiamonds Soil Polymers.  We sell Super Hydro-Absorbant Polymers, (WATER CRYSTALS), at Discount Rates!!!          Make your own, "Cool Ties" or "Neck Coolers" - See "Projects Page" for details.          Please check out our, 1, 2 , 5, 10  & 55 Lbs. Bags of Aquadiamonds!          If you are interested in bulk orders, 4 - 55 Lbs. Bags - 500 metric tons, please email us for a CIF!

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     Aquadiamonds is a unique space age super absorbent copolymer, also known as, soil polymers, water crystals, or polymer crystals that is completely safe for the environment!  It is a free flowing white granular copolymer of polyacrylamide, that absorbs hundreds of times it's weight in water and can last for years!  Soil polymers have a wide variety of uses in agriculture as well as in Home and Garden applications.  Water management concerning houseplants, gardening and turf have always presented challenges to all, from the layman to the experienced gardener.  Depending on soil types, climate, rainfall and an individual's gardening habits determine how and when you will use them.  Obviously, plant life that require large amounts of water naturally require larger concentrations of soil polymers in the growing medium mixture.  These mediums include; all soil types, (including clay), sand, gravel, mulch, cactus & succulent mixes, bark and woodchips.  If you've ever purchased Bamboo Plants, in fine gravel, there's a good chance that the grower added some soil polymer to the gravel before planting.  

    The uses for Superabsorbent soil polymers are wide spread: in seed germination; for root dipping; as a transportation and transplant aid for turf, bedding plants, trees and shrubs. Gardeners often recommend adding soil polymers to container plants, especially hanging baskets and window boxes. You can find testimonials from gardeners on the Internet in any of the "Gardening Forums".

    Aquadiamonds can be used in container plants, hanging baskets, flower beds, ornamental gardens and for shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens, turf and lawns for water management and erosion control.

     With Aquadiamonds you can grow plants without soil.  See our, "Ordering" page for more information, or go directly to the, "Directions -Pack" page.)  On the, "Soil Applications page, you'll find basic ways to dry mix Aquadiamonds with growing mediums such as , soil or sand, as well as a chart for Bulk Mixing.  There is also plenty of useful information for, dry mixing and applying Aquadiamonds for irrigation and anti-erosion uses on the, "Technical Spec's page.

    Aquadiamonds is decorative, as well as functional. You can float candles in it, the wax won't stick to it and it can't burn. You can color it any color that you want with food coloring, and or, glitter. (For great candles, and other decorative home items, don't forget to visit our, "Resources" page.)  You can suspend solid, non ferrous objects in it, and by adding back, or leaving in, a little excess water, you can accomplish that "clear look", after stirring out the bubbles. (This method is NOT used for growing houseplants. For houseplants we always drain well.)  Please visit the, "Display Photos" page, to get some ideas on what you can do, or go straight to our, "Projects" page.

    For freshly cut flowers, Aquadiamonds can't be beat.  You will be able to arrange and stagger them on diagonals while prolonging their lifespan.  When the flowers eventually die, you'll simply rinse out the Aquadiamonds in a colander, allow to drip dry and then store them for future cut flower use.

    Aquadiamonds ships most orders through Federal Express.  All customers who's orders are shipped through FedEx receive an email with tracking numbers shortly after thier order is scanned.  You can click here, or go to our "Ordering" page to track any FedEx shipment.

    We've added a "Projects" page to the site. You'll find step by step instructions for making various decorative projects, as well as the Construction Directions, Soaking and Care instructions for our life saving "Neck Coolers"

    Large, wholesale orders are not a problem!  If your needs require amounts between 10 drums, (550 Lbs.) to 35 metric tons, feel free to contact us at: sales@aquadiamonds.com for price quotes on any amount of our soil polymers.


    If you're interested in a link exchange with Aquadiamonds please visit our "Link Trading" page. 



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