Welcome to Aquadiamonds Soil Polymers.  We sell Super Hydro-Absorbant Polymers, (WATER CRYSTALS), at Discount Rates!!!          Make your own, "Cool Ties" or "Neck Coolers" - See "Projects Page" for details.          Please check out our, 1, 2 , 5, 10  & 55 Lbs. Bags of Aquadiamonds!          If you are interested in bulk orders, 4 - 55 Lbs. Bags - 500 metric tons, please email us for a CIF!

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AQUADIAMONDS LOGO - Super Hydro-Absorbent Soil Polymers at Discount Prices!

Product Descriptions:



FOR SHIPPING COSTS ON ORDERS TO BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE CONTINENTAL U.S.A., (Please provide us with: the amount of product that you'd like to order, your complete address & zip code, phone numbers and all pertinent contact information!) shipping@aquadiamonds.com

    We offer choices, when ordering 1lbs. or more of Aquadiamonds Soil Polymers.  Our default product, Aquadiamonds 35K4 is the largest grade crystal, (2-4mm) and it's primary use are for constructing "Neck Coolers", doing decorative projects and for cut flowers.  It can be mixed with any growing medium for water management.  Aquadiamonds 35K2 is a medium grade crystal, (1-2mm) and is recommended specifically for mixing with growing mediums.  Use it for turf, trees, sod, flower beds, container gardens, vegetables and in agriculture.


One pack of Aquadiamonds makes over 1 gallon of hydrated Soil Polymer  1 Pack, makes over one gallon of soaked and drained soil polymer! (Min. order 5 packs) $20.00  (Shipping is FREE on all Pack orders!!!) ORDER

On orders of 1 lbs. or more, you may choose between Aquadiamonds 35K4 or 35K2 on the "Ordering" page.

A 1 Lb. Bag makes over 16 gallons of hydrated Soil Polymer. 1 LBS. makes approx. 32 gallons of soaked and drained Soil Polymer. $16.50  ORDER 

A 2 Lbs. Bag makes over 32 gallons of hydrated Soil Polymer. 2 LBS. Bag  makes approx. 64 gallons of soaked and drained Soil Polymer. $25.50  ORDER

This 5 Lbs. Bag makes 190 Neck Coolers! 5 LBS. Bag makes approx. 160 gallons of soaked and drained Soil Polymer. $50.00  ORDER

Get two 5 LBS. Bags for an extra $20.00! 10 LBS. (2 / 5 LBS. Bags) Makes approx. 320 gallons of soaked and drained Soil Polymer. $82.60   ORDER

A 55 LBS. Drum makes over 1500 Packs, or 2090 Neck Coolers and will cover, over, a minimum of 11,000 sq. ft.
of soil for gardening and vegetable applications! 55LBS. Bag (Net Weight) Makes over 1500 Packs, and will sufficiently mix with, depending on type of soil, over  of 11,000 sq. ft. of soil for, gardening,  plant, flowers and vegetable growing applications! $261.30  ORDER

 Large, wholesale orders are not a problem!  If your needs require amounts between 10 drums, (550 Lbs.) to 35 metric tons, feel free to contact us at: sales@aquadiamonds.com

    If you're interested in a link exchange with Aquadiamonds please visit our "Link Trading" page.



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