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Neck Coolers

 Materials Needed:     

Tape measure
Serger / Sewing Machine (If you don't own a Serger, you'll need to make several runs up the length of the tube with your regular machine.)
4" strip of fabric 37" long (Material should be, at least 60% Cotton. 100% is best.) 
2 Teaspoons of sifted* Aquadiamonds 35K4 (Large Crystal).  (1 Lb. of Aquadiamonds 35K4 makes approximately 38 Neck Coolers).

Directions For Construction:

1.)    Cut a 4" wide strip from the width of your bolt of material. Trim it to 37" Fold the width of the material in half, so that you now have  37" X 2" visible. Be sure that the "Dull" side of the fabric is facing you, and that the "Bright" side is in the fold. 

2.)    Stitch down the length of the fabric with your Serger. (You now have a tube)

3.)    Roll the tube inside out, so that the "Bright" side of the fabric is facing you and on the outside of the tube. (If you are making these for gifts or mass producing, we recommend that you iron your tube flat, with the seam down, at this point.)

4.)    Measure 9-1/2" in, from either end towards the center of the length, and run a stitch across the width of the tube. (This is one side of your pocket.) 

5.)    From the other, (completely open), end of the tube, add 2 teaspoons of "Aquadiamonds 35K4", and shake the crystals down to the bottom of the pocket. (Make sure that all of the crystals went to the bottom of the cross stitch.)

6.)    Measure 9-1/2" in, from the other, (open end), towards the center of the length, and run another stitch across the width of the tube. (Your pocket is now closed.)

7.)    Lay the cooler down flat and cut each end to a point at a 45 degree angle. (This will enable you to be able to slide an adjuster bead onto the cooler, alleviating the need to tie, and re-tie, a knot each time you want to adjust it.)

8.)    Stitch the end cuts closed. (You're done!)

*You should always sift your dry crystals through a fine colander or strainer before constructing Neck Coolers.  Any shake or powder left over can be used later in the garden.

Directions For Use & Care

1.) SOAKING    Soak cooler in luke-warm water for 10 min.'s. Remove from water and spread the, partially soaked, crystals  out evenly within the length of the pocket. This is done by wringing them down the length between the thumb and forefinger of on hand. while pulling the cooler with the other. They will feel like soggy oatmeal at this point.

   Place the cooler back in the water and soak it until it is firm, but still bendable. This takes anywhere from 10 - 25 Min.'s, depending on the thickness, and the amount of cotton content of the cooler's fabric. Do not over soak!  If this happens, you can lay the cooler flat out on a towel, or on a tray in the refrigerator, until enough water evaporates out of it to be worn.

2.) wearing    The cooler, initially, works off of evaporative cooling. As you wear it throughout the day, it gets softer as the water vapor is being released. When it doesn't feel cool on your neck, simply pull back on it's adjuster bead, rotate or twist the cooler a half turn, or 180 degrees, then tighten back up on the bead. (This means that the material that was up against your neck, before turning, is now on the outside. If you live in a hot dry climate they will keep you cool for hours at a time. Using them in a humid climate, they are less effective, but there are remedies. You can always bury the cooler in an ice chest for a few min.'s to ,"Super Chill" it. (We do this while fishing, in the Gulf Of Mexico, and it is a LIFESAVER. We also bring (2) coolers per/person along with us, so as never to be without.) You can leave your coolers, uncovered, on a try or plate in the refrigerator over night. Slightly over-soak the cooler before putting it in. I will be perfect in the morning!  NEVER FREEZE OR PUT IN FREEZER!!! If you freeze it, you've ruined it! You should be able to get 4-6 years of use out of a well made cooler. DO NOT SWIM, WHILE WEARING YOUR COOLER! That means fresh or salt water!

3.) CLEANING    When you get home and notice that your cooler is not looking it's best, you'll want to wash it. Make sure that it is very firm, possibly a little over-soaked. Apply several drops of hand dishwashing detergent to the palms of your hands and lather up the cooler for about a minute. Rinse well, with cold tap water, dry with a dish towel and its ready for that tray in the fridge, or drying. NEVER PUT COOLER IS WASHING MACHINE!

4.) DRYING    Your cooler likes to be dried out once in a while. Simply hang it, from one or both, tie ends, on a hook in a convenient place indoors. It can take from 6-15 days to dry out completely, depending on the humidity and temperature of your air. Be sure that it is completely dry before storing it, for it could mold.  NEVER PUT COOLER IN DRYER!




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